The rooms at La Casa sul Fiume were created in a painstakingly detailed renovation of the entire country house and are warm and welcoming. Brushed oak floors, traditional furniture made by leading furniture-makers from the Bassano area, larch window fixtures with soundproofed glass and Veneto-style wooden shutters will enhance the enjoyment of your stay in this country house on the riverbank.

The rooms are named after professional figures who once existed in the Brenta Valley. Zattiere (the raftsman), Barcarolo (the boatsman), Pescatore (the fisherman), Lavandara (the laundress), Contrabbandiere (the smuggler) and Boschiere (the woodsman). Valstagna, the village that Ivan Pontarollo as well as his grandparents and great grandparents on both sides come from, just a few kilometres from La Casa sul Fiume, was the natural river port for all the wood coming downstream from the Asiago Plateau, destined for the markets of Bassano, Padua, Venice and all the main towns and cities on the Veneto plain. The Zattiere was the raftsman who transported wood to Venice on flat rafts, made out of logs lashed together. The Contrabbandiere smuggled tobacco cultivated on the terraced mountainsides during the era of the Venetian Republic and the Boschiere chopped down trees and prepared timber for transport and sale.


All rooms have en-suite bathroom, hairdryer, courtesy set and double pillows. The country house has ample parking. Small pets are welcome.



Autorizzo al trattamento dei miei dati ai sensi della legge sulla privacy (D.Lgs. 196/2003).

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